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Article 18. Grant of visas at border gates

Article 18. Grant of visas at border gates

  1. A foreigner may be granted a visa at an international border gate in the following cases:

a/ He/she departs from a country without a Vietnamese agency competent to grant visas;

b/ He/she has to travel through many countries before arriving in Vietnam;

c/ He/she enters Vietnam on a tour organized by an international travel agent in Vietnam;

d/ He/she is a crewmember on board a foreign ship anchoring at a Vietnamese seaport and wishes to leave Vietnam through another border gate;

dd/ He/she enters Vietnam to attend the funeral of a relative, or to visit a seriously ill relative;

e/ He/she enters Vietnam to join in the handling of urgent incidents, search and rescue, prevention and control of natural disasters or epidemics or for other special purposes at the request of a competent Vietnamese agency.

  1. Foreigners who are eligible for visa grant at international border gates shall submit their passports or international travel documents and filled visa applications stuck with their photos, to immigration control units. Information on under-14 children who share passports with their parents or guardians shall be declared on visa applications of their parents or guardians.
  2. Immigration control units shall examine and check information against notices of the immigration management agency before granting visas.