Lan Ha Bay is located east of Cat Ba Island and south of Ha Long Bay. The bay consists of about 400 large and small islands creating a huge picture depicting the scene. Here, you can visit the boat to play on the sand or swim in the sandy beach. In Lan Ha Bay there is Cai Beo floating village, where more than two hundred households live on the houses designed on buoys and the village has been explored by domestic and foreign archaeologists. Its existence for thousands of years.

Article 33. Conditions for exit

Article 33. Conditions for exit

  1. A Vietnamese citizen may leave the country when fully meeting the following conditions:

a/ Having an immigration paper which remains intact and unexpired; for a passport, its validity duration must be at least full 6 months;

b/ Having a visa or another paper certifying or evidencing the country of destination that permits his/her entry, unless he/she is entitled to visa exemption;

c/ Neither being banned from exit nor having his/her exit postponed in accordance with law.

  1. In addition to the conditions prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article, persons having lost their civil act capacity and persons with difficulties in perceiving or controlling their acts as defined in the Civil Code, and persons aged under 14 years shall be accompanied by their lawful representatives.