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Article 44. Rights and obligations of foreigners

Article 44. Rights and obligations of foreigners

  1. Foreigners who enter, exit, transit or reside in Vietnam have the following rights:

a/ To have their lives, honor, property, and rights and legitimate interests protected in accordance with Vietnamese law while they are residing in the territory of Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

b/ Temporary residence card holders may provide guarantee for their grandparents, parents, spouses and children to enter Vietnam; and provide guarantee for their spouses and under-18 children to stay with them within the validity duration of their temporary residence cards if their inviting or guaranteeing agencies or organizations so agree.

c/ Permanent residence card holders may provide guarantee for their parents, parents, spouses and children to visit Vietnam;

d/ Those who are residing lawfully in Vietnam may travel in the Vietnamese territory for the tourist purpose combined with the purpose of visiting relatives or taking medical treatment without having to ask for permission; those who enter restricted areas shall comply with law;

dd/ Crewmembers on board ships entering Vietnam may go onshore within the provinces or centrally run cities where their ships are anchored; if they wish to go beyond the above areas or exit Vietnam through another border gates, they may be considered for grant of visas;

e/ Spouse and children of a member of a diplomatic mission, consular office, representative office of an international organization affiliated to the United Nations, or an intergovernmental organization in Vietnam who enter Vietnam together with such person during his/her term of office may work if they have work permits, except for those who are ineligible for grant of work permits; and may go to school if they are accepted in writing by schools or educational institutions;

g/ Those who are studying at schools or educational institutions under treaties or international agreements may work if such is permitted in writing by the schools or educational institutions;

h/ Stateless persons permanently residing in foreign countries may enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourism or visiting relatives;

i/ Stateless persons residing in Vietnam who wish to exit Vietnam may be considered for grant of international travel documents by the Ministry of Public Security.

  1. Foreigners who enter, exit or reside in Vietnam have the following obligations:

a/ To comply with Vietnamese law; to respect Vietnam’s cultural traditions and customs;

b/ To operate in Vietnam in accordance with the purposes of their entry;

c/ To carry along passports or international travel documents and papers related to their residence in Vietnam while traveling, and produce them to competent agencies when so requested;

d/ Foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam, when leaving Vietnam to another country for permanent residence, shall return their permanent residence cards to immigration control units at border gates.