NG3 Visa

NG3 Visa: Guidelines for Foreigners Applying for NG3 Visa in Vietnam

What is NG3 Visa? Conditions for Obtaining NG3 Visa in Vietnam

NG3 Visa, also known as NG3 diplomatic visa, is a type of visa specifically issued for members of foreign diplomatic missions, consulates, international organizations under the United Nations, intergovernmental organization representatives, and their spouses, children under 18 years old, and domestic helpers accompanying them during their term of duty in Vietnam.

To be eligible for NG3 Visa, foreign nationals must meet the following requirements:

  1. Possession of a valid passport or internationally recognized travel document.
  2. Invitation letter/Guarantee from the diplomatic mission, consulate, or international organization’s representative office in Vietnam.
  3. Not falling under the categories prohibited from entry as prescribed.

How Long is the Validity Period of NG3 Diplomatic Visa? According to the legal regulations, NG3 Visa will be granted to foreign nationals with a validity period of up to 12 months. Unlike NG1, NG2, and NG4 diplomatic visas, foreign nationals holding NG3 Visa can apply for an NG3 temporary residence card valid for up to 05 years.

Procedures for Applying for a New NG3 Visa for Foreigners

Step 1: The inviting or guaranteeing organization directly sends a visa application request to the foreigner to the competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the immigration control authority through written communication.

Step 2: After receiving a valid application and processing the documents for about 2 days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send the result notification to the guaranteeing organization. Simultaneously, the Ministry will inform the consular office of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the foreign country to issue the visa for the foreigner.

Step 3: Upon receiving the notification, the inviting or guaranteeing organization informs the foreigner to prepare the necessary documents for the issuance of NG3 Visa.

Step 4: Complete the procedures for obtaining NG3 Visa at the consular office of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the foreign country.

Note: In case the foreign national falls under the category eligible for visa issuance at the international border gates, they need to:

  • Clearly state the entry time, border gate, and the reason for requesting visa issuance at the border gate in the visa application request for NG3 Visa.
  • The foreign national will complete the visa issuance procedures directly at the designated international border gate as desired.

Documents Required for New NG3 Diplomatic Visa Application:

  • Visa application letter for the foreign national according to the specified template.
  • Original passport of the foreign national with a valid period as regulated.
  • 02 passport-sized color photos.
  • Approval document for entry issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • And other specific documents as required for each individual case.

Processing Time for NG3 Diplomatic Visa: From the moment the competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives the notification and valid documents (passport, visa application form with attached photo), the consular office of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the foreign country will process the NG3 Visa within 3 working days.