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NN2 Visa Application Procedures

NN2 Visa Application for Foreign Heads of Representative Offices in Vietnam

As mentioned earlier, the NN1 visa is granted to foreign individuals serving as the head of representative offices or projects of international organizations, non-governmental organizations in Vietnam. But what about the NN2 visa? Let’s delve into the specifics of this type of visa in the article below.

What is NN2 Visa?

NN2 Visa in Vietnam, also referred to as NN2 visa, is a type of visa issued to foreigners in the following cases:

  • The head of a foreign trader’s representative office or branch in Vietnam.
  • The head of the representative office of foreign economic, cultural, or other specialized organizations in Vietnam.

Validity Period of NN2 Visa for Foreign Organizations

The NN2 Visa issued to the head of representative offices has a maximum validity period of 12 months. In cases where the NN2 visa has already been granted, individuals can proceed to apply for a temporary residence card with the same code, valid for up to 3 years. This enables foreigners to work in Vietnam for an extended period and facilitates entry and exit procedures.

Requirements for Foreign Heads of Representative Offices Applying for NN2 Visa

The head of the foreign trader’s representative office in Vietnam will be granted an NN2 visa if they meet the following conditions:

  • Possess a valid passport or international travel document.
  • Have an inviting and guaranteeing organization, individual, or entity in Vietnam.
  • Do not fall under the categories of individuals denied entry as regulated.

Documents Required for NN2 Visa Application

Whether applying for the NN2 visa at a Vietnamese consulate abroad or at an international border gate in Vietnam, foreigners need to have an Entry Guarantee Letter (Entry Guarantee Document) to initiate the NN2 visa application process. The documents required for the Entry Guarantee Letter include:

  1. Visa application form for foreigners – Form NA2.
  2. Introduction letter with the seal and signature of the authorized person of the guaranteeing company – Form NA16.
  3. Valid passport of the foreigner.
  4. Authenticated copy of the license or decision from the competent authority regarding the establishment of the organization.
  5. Documents proving that the foreigner holds the position of the head of the representative office or branch of the foreign company (appointment decision, etc.).
  6. Other relevant documents as required.

Within approximately 5 working days, the Immigration Department will return the Entry Guarantee Letter to the guaranteeing company, enabling the foreigner to complete the NN2 visa application process at a Vietnamese embassy abroad or at an international border gate in Vietnam.

Documents Required for NN2 Visa Issuance for Foreign Organizations

Documents needed for NN2 visa issuance for foreign organizations include:

  1. Visa application form for foreigners – Form NA1.
  2. Original passport of the visa applicant.
  3. 02 passport-sized photos with white background (size: 4x6cm).
  4. Authenticated copy of the Entry Guarantee Letter for Vietnam.
  5. Visa issuance fee for NN2 visa as per regulations.
  6. Other necessary documents (if required).

Where to Submit NN2 Visa Application?

Applicants and the guaranteeing company should submit the documents to the Immigration Department near the office/branch at the following addresses:

  • Immigration Department in Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
  • Immigration Department in Ho Chi Minh City: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Immigration Department will process the NN2 visa within approximately 5 working days (up to 7-10 days in some cases) from the date of receiving complete and valid documents.

Note: In case additional relevant documents are required, the visa approval process may take longer than the stipulated time. Therefore, applicants and guaranteeing companies must adhere to the specific procedures and document requirements for the NN2 visa to ensure timely issuance matching the desired entry period.