NN3 Visa

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Detailed Procedures and Documentation for Applying for NN3 Visa for Foreign Nationals

In addition to NN1 and NN2 visas, which are issued to leaders and heads of offices working with foreign organizations, there is also the option of applying for an NN3 visa for foreign nationals entering Vietnam to work with foreign organizations. What is an NN3 visa? Who is it specifically designated for? All these questions will be answered in this comprehensive article.

What is NN3 Visa and Who is It Issued For?

Visa Vietnam with the code NN3, or simply NN3 visa, is issued to foreign nationals entering Vietnam to work within foreign organizations or branches. Specifically, according to Article 8 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13, the NN3 visa is issued to foreign nationals working at:

  • Non-governmental foreign organizations.
  • Representative offices or branches of foreign traders.
  • Representative offices of foreign economic, cultural, and other specialized organizations.

Requirements for Applying for NN3 Visa in Vietnam

Foreign nationals must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an NN3 visa:

  • Possess a valid passport or internationally recognized travel document with remaining validity.
  • Have a legal organization or company operating in Vietnam to sponsor their application.
  • Not fall under the prohibited entry categories as stipulated in immigration laws.

Duration of NN3 Visa for Foreign Nationals

The NN3 visa, as per regulations, has a maximum validity of 12 months. Therefore, foreign nationals are granted an NN3 visa with a maximum duration of 1 year. Unlike NN1 and NN2 visas, holders of NN3 visas are not eligible to apply for a temporary residence card.

In case the NN3 visa is nearing expiration, and the foreign national wishes to extend their stay and work in Vietnam, it is advisable to initiate the process for a new NN3 visa or visa extension.

Documents Required for Applying for a New NN3 Visa

The inviting organization, sponsor, and the foreign national must prepare the following documents when applying for a new NN3 visa:

  1. Original valid passport or internationally recognized travel document with remaining validity.
  2. 02 passport-sized photos with a white background (taken within the last 6 months).
  3. Visa application form for NN3 visa for foreign nationals – Form NA1.
  4. Visa entry approval letter application form – Form NA2.
  5. Legal documents proving the foreign national’s employment with the foreign organization, office, or branch in Vietnam.
  6. NN3 visa issuance fee.
  7. Additional related documents as required by the Immigration Department (if applicable).

NN3 Visa Application Process for Foreign Nationals Entering Vietnam

Currently, foreign nationals can initiate the NN3 visa application process at various locations, including Vietnamese embassies/consulates abroad or international border checkpoints in Vietnam. However, the NN3 visa application process follows the steps outlined below:

Step 1: The sponsoring company completes the entry approval letter application procedure with the Immigration Department/Immigration Office near the company’s location. For detailed procedures and entry approval letter application for foreign nationals working with foreign organizations, please contact us for assistance in completing the application accurately.

Step 2: The sponsoring company receives the entry approval letter result within approximately 5 working days (maximum 7-10 days) from the Immigration Department/Immigration Office. The company then notifies and sends the entry approval letter to the foreign national.

Step 3: The foreign national prints the entry approval letter and prepares the necessary documents to apply for the NN3 visa as instructed.

Step 4: Complete the NN3 visa application/stamping process according to the specified time and location stated in the entry approval letter, pay the visa fee, and receive the NN3 visa.

NN3 Visa Fees for Foreign Organization Employees

Below is the fee schedule for NN3 visa issuance (based on the duration and purpose of entry) that the applicant must pay to the Vietnamese Immigration Department/Consular Office to obtain the entry stamp for Vietnam:

Visa Type
1-3 months single entry visa
25 USD per person
1-3 months multiple entry visa
50 USD per person
3-6 months multiple entry visa
95 USD per person
6-12 months multiple entry visa
135 USD per person

Note: The above fees are mandatory and must be paid by the applicant when completing the NN3 visa application process. Additionally, during the application process, there may be additional fees for translation services, notarization, etc.

Key Points to Consider When Preparing NN3 Visa Documents

During the preparation of NN3 visa documents, it is essential to consider the following aspects:

  • All information provided in the documents must be transparent and accurate.
  • Only prepare the required documents as per the specifications of the Vietnamese Immigration Department/Consular Office.
  • Documents with foreign elements should be legalized by consular authorities.
  • The standard processing time for an NN3 visa is approximately 5 working days. However, in some cases, if the Immigration Department/Embassy requests adjustments or additional documents, the visa processing time may be extended.

Having a complete and accurate set of documents is crucial in determining the success rate of an NN3 visa application. Therefore, both the sponsoring company and the foreign national should be well-informed about the visa application requirements to obtain the NN3 visa within the desired entry duration.