Vietnam visa for Burkina Faso Citizens

  1. Visa Necessity for Burkina Faso Citizens:
    • A pivotal detail for Burkina Faso citizens contemplating a visit to Vietnam is the imperative need for a valid visa. Regardless of the visit’s duration, be it for tourism or business purposes, a visa is mandatory.
    Type of Visa
    Visa Requirement
    Tourist visa
    Business visa
    • Complementing the visa requirement, specific entry prerequisites for travelers with Burkina Faso passports include:
      • A Burkina Faso passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond the arrival date in Vietnam.
      • The passport should boast a minimum of 2 blank pages.
  2. Embarking on Vietnam Visa Journey for Burkina Faso Citizens:
    • The procedure for securing a Vietnam visa is contingent upon the type sought—tourist or business. The subsequent sections delineate the steps involved for both.

    2.1 Acquiring a Tourist Visa:

    • Traditionally, Burkina Faso citizens had two avenues for obtaining a tourist visa before the pandemic:
      • Embassy visa
      • Visa on arrival
    • Post-Covid, obtaining a tourist visa now mandates sponsorship from a registered Vietnamese tour company. This company facilitates the preparation of necessary paperwork, liaising with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The approved Vietnam visa is then stamped upon arrival at the airport, accompanied by participation in the tour.
    • An alternative option, offering convenience, is our Vietnam tourist visa package, encompassing:
      • Vietnam visa approval letter for a tourist visa on arrival.
      • A 2-night stay at a 3* or 4* hotel in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Key Notes:
      • Package cost starts from US $320.
      • Visa approval letter validity may extend up to 20 days, contingent on travel plans in Vietnam. Specify your expected stay duration.
      • Processing time for the visa approval letter is approximately 7 – 10 working days.

    2.2 Obtaining a Business Visa:

    • Securing a business visa necessitates sponsorship from a Vietnamese company. The process involves two steps:

      Step 1: Visa Approval Letter

      • The sponsor company prepares required documents, including Form NA2 (completed online), Form NA16, and certified business registration. These are submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Department, which processes the application in 5 – 7 working days.

      Step 2: Business Visa Stamp

      • Upon approval, a business visa approval letter is issued. Subsequently, the traveler obtains a business visa stamp at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in Burkina Faso before departure.
    • Assistance is available for Burkina Faso citizens and their companies throughout the application process.
  3. Vietnam Visa Fees for Burkina Faso Citizens:
    • Transparent information regarding Vietnam visa fees for Burkina Faso passport holders is vital:
    Processing Time
    Fee (USD/pax)
    5 – 7 working days
    3 working days
    • Note: The fee covers visa approval letter assistance only and excludes the stamping fee payable at the Vietnam embassy/airport for visa stamping.

Embarking on a Vietnamese adventure necessitates meticulous visa considerations. Burkina Faso citizens can navigate this journey seamlessly with tailored guidance for both tourist and business visas.