Vietnam visa for Guyanese (French)

Do Guyana Citizens Require a Visa for Vietnam?

Indeed, a valid visa is a prerequisite for all Guyana passport holders, whether residing within or outside Guyana, who wish to travel to Vietnam, be it for tourism or business purposes, spanning a few days to several months of stay in the country.

Type of Visa
Visa Requirement
Tourist Visa
Business Visa

In addition to obtaining a visa, seamless entry into Vietnam also necessitates that Guyana citizens ensure:

  • Their Guyana passport holds validity for at least six months beyond their Vietnam entry date.
  • Their Guyana passport provides a minimum of two blank pages for immigration stamps.

How to Secure a Vietnam Visa for Guyanese Citizens?

  1. Visit Vietnam Embassy/Consulate:
    • Guyana citizens opting for sea or land border crossings (cruise, train, or bus) must personally visit the Vietnam embassy or consulate abroad to initiate the visa application process.
    • For those residing in Guyana, contact the embassy or consular office of Vietnam in nearby countries, as there is no representation in Guyana.
    • Those residing in other countries with a Vietnamese embassy or consulate can contact the respective office for visa application.
  2. Apply Online for Visa on Arrival:
    • Visa on arrival (VOA) stands out as the most convenient method for obtaining a visa to Vietnam, especially for Guyana passport holders traveling by air. This process is entirely conducted online, eliminating the need for physical documents or travel.
    • To acquire VOA through, the following steps are involved:
      1. Complete the secure online application form and make the service fee payment.
      2. Receive the visa approval letter via email, typically within 2 working days (for tourist visas) or 7 working days (for business visas).
      3. Upon arrival at a Vietnam airport, obtain the visa stamp.

Tips: This process can be carried out independently or delegated with a simple click. Additionally, one application can be used to apply for multiple persons.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Guyanese Citizens

The fees for Vietnam visas for holders of Guyana passports vary depending on the chosen method of visa application:

  • The Vietnam embassy visa fee is contingent on the specific embassy.
  • The Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Guyanese citizens starts from US$42.25. The table below details the exact costs for visas to Vietnam:

Tourist visa:

Type of Visa
1 Pax
2 Pax
3+ Pax
Stamping Fee
1 Month Single Entry
3 Months Single Entry
1 Month Multiple Entry
3 Months Multiple Entry

Service Fee is quoted in US $/pax.

The above fees are applicable for the standard service with a processing time of 2 working days. Additional charges are required for expedited processing:

  • US $10/pax for 1 working day processing.
  • US $25/pax for 4 working hours processing.
  • US $50/pax for 2 working hours processing.
Business visa:
Type of visa
1 pax
2 pax
3+ pax
Stamping fee
1 month single entry
3 months single entry
1 month multiple entry
3 months multiple entry
6 months multiple entry

Service Fee is quoted in US $/pax

The above fees apply to normal service of 7 working days processing. You need to pay extra:

  • US $30/pax for 3 working days processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working days processing.