Vietnam visa for Macao

Are Visas Necessary for Travel from Macau to Vietnam?

Indeed, Macau citizens are required to obtain a valid visa when traveling to Vietnam, whether for tourism or business purposes.

Visa Requirements:

Type of visa
Visa Requirement
Tourist visa
Business visa

In addition to adhering to Vietnam’s visa requirements, Macau passport holders must also meet specific entry criteria:

  • The Macau passport should remain valid for at least 6 months following the intended arrival date in Vietnam.
  • The passport must have a minimum of 2 blank pages.

How to Obtain a Vietnam Visa for Macau Citizens:

The process of acquiring a Vietnam visa for Macau passport holders depends on the type of visa sought, either a tourist or business visa. Detailed instructions are outlined below.

1. How to Obtain a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Macau Citizens:

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Macau citizens had up to two methods to acquire a tourist visa, including:

  • Obtaining a tourist visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate.
  • Applying for a Vietnam visa online, including VISA ON ARRIVAL.

Presently, holders of popular Macau passports are eligible for a 30-day single-entry tourist visa ONLY, which is issued in the form of a loose-leaf visa. This visa must be obtained before departure for Vietnam and is commonly known as Vietnam e-visa or electronic visa. Other types of tourist visas for Vietnam have not yet resumed.

This type of tourist visa can be applied for online by the applicants themselves or through our service in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete our secure online visa application form and make payment.
  2. Receive the e-visa letter in your registered email within your requested processing time.
  3. Download your e-visa letter and present it to the Vietnam Immigration Officer to complete the entry into Vietnam.

Our processing time is guaranteed within:

  • 5-7 working days
  • 4 working days
  • Emergency cases

2. How to Obtain a Vietnam Business Visa for Macau Citizens:

To apply for a business visa, Macau citizens are required to have a sponsor company in Vietnam. The process involves two steps that both you and your employer in Vietnam need to follow:

Step 1: Get a Visa Approval Letter

In this step, your sponsor company will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Form NA2 (completed online).
  • Form NA16.
  • Certified business registration.

Your sponsor company will then submit these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department, which will process the application within 7–10 working days upon receipt of the fully valid documents. If the application is approved, your sponsor company will receive a business visa approval letter, enabling you to obtain a business visa for Vietnam.

Step 2: Get Business Visa StampIn this step, you will get a business visa stamped on your passport at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in your country before your departure for Vietnam. Should you and your company need help with a business visa approval letter to Vietnam, we are here to provide support. You will be assisted in every step from the start of your application until you successfully get the visa and land in Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Macau Citizens:

If you choose to apply for the visa yourself, the fees are as follows:

  • Tourist e-visa:
    • USD 25 (non-refundable in case the e-visa application is refused)
  • Business visa:
    • Fee for visa approval letter and stamping fee:
      • US $25 for a single-entry visa, or
      • US $50 for a multiple-entry visa valid for up to 3 months

If you use our service to ensure proper visa procedures for Vietnam are followed, and your details are correctly provided, our fees are as follows:

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees for Macau Citizens (applicable to 30-day single entry e-visa):

Visa type Processing time Visa fee (USD/Pax)
1-2 pax 3-4 pax From 5 pax
30-day single entry 5-7 working days 48 47 46
4 working days 66 65 63
30-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 73 72 71
4 working days 91 90 88
90-day single entry 5-7 working days 50 49 48
4 working days 71 70 68
90-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 78 77 76
4 working days 96 95 93

Note: This is the full-package fee for a 30-day tourist visa, including the Government fee and service fee.

Vietnam Business Visa Fees for Macau Passport Holders:

Processing Time
Fee (USD/pax)
5–7 working days
3 working days

Note: This fee covers the visa approval letter assistance only and does not include the stamping fee to be paid at the Vietnam embassy/airport for visa stamping.