Vietnam visa for Nigerians

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

Certainly, Nigerians are required to obtain a valid visa to enter Vietnam, whether for tourism or business purposes.

Type of Visa
Visa Requirement
Tourist visa
Business visa

Nigerian citizens must acquire a valid visa to enter Vietnam for either tourism or business purposes. Travelers holding Nigerian passports must also adhere to the following entry criteria:

  • The Nigerian passport should remain valid for at least 6 months following the arrival date in Vietnam.
  • The Nigerian passport must have at least 2 blank pages.

Visa Application Process for Nigerian Citizens:

How to get a Vietnam visa for a Nigerian citizen depends on the type of visa they wish to obtain. In this post, we will guide you through the steps to get a tourist visa and a business visa to Vietnam for Nigerian citizens.

2.1 How to get a tourist visa for Vietnam for Nigerian citizens?

Nigerian citizens can now obtain a Vietnam tourist e-visa. This method is incredibly convenient as the entire process is conducted online, eliminating the need for physical travel for visa application.

This Vietnam tourist e-visa can be obtained by:

  • Applying directly at the Vietnam e-visa official website.
  • Applying through our service, ensuring a hassle-free experience and accurate visa issuance.

The process to get an e-visa via is as follows:

  • STEP 1: Complete our secure online application form with essential details.
  • STEP 2: Make payment with your credit/debit card or PayPal account. A confirmation will be sent to your email, and your Vietnamese e-visa will be processed and sent within your specified time.
  • STEP 3: Download your Vietnamese e-visa, print it out, and carry it with you to Vietnam.

2.2 How to get a business visa for Vietnam for Nigerian citizens?

To apply for a business visa, Nigerian citizens are required to have a sponsor company in Vietnam. The process involves two steps:

  • Step 1: Get a visa approval letter
    • Your sponsor company needs to prepare the necessary documents, including Form NA2 (completed online), Form NA16, and Certified business registration.
    • Submit these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department, which will process the application within 7 – 10 working days.
    • If approved, your sponsor company will receive a business visa approval letter, enabling you to obtain a business visa for Vietnam.
  • Step 2: Get business visa stamp
    • Get a business visa stamped on your passport at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in your country before departing for Vietnam.

If you and your company need assistance with a business visa approval letter for Vietnam, we are here to support you, guiding you through every step from the beginning of your application until you successfully obtain the visa and arrive in Vietnam.

3. Vietnam Visa Fees for Nigerian citizens

Here are our Vietnam visa fees for Nigerian passport holders:

  • Vietnam tourist visa fees for Nigerian citizens: Refer to the above section for details.
  • Vietnam business visa fees for Nigerian citizens:
Processing time
Fee (USD/pax)
5 – 7 working days
3 working days

Note: This fee covers the visa approval letter assistance only and does not include the stamping fee to be paid at the Vietnam embassy/airport for visa stamping.