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Vietnam visa for Slovenes

1. Is a visa required for Vietnam by citizens of Slovenia?

Yes, citizens of Slovenia are obligated to obtain a valid visa when entering Vietnam for either tourism or business purposes. The following table provides a summary of Vietnam’s visa requirements for Slovenian citizens.

Type of visa
Visa Requirement
Tourist visa
Business visa

Furthermore, to travel to Vietnam, individuals with Slovenian passports must also adhere to the entry criteria outlined below:

• The Slovenian passport must remain valid for at least six months beyond the date of arrival in Vietnam.

• The Slovenian passport should contain a minimum of two blank pages.

2. Are E-Visas or Visa on Arrival Options Available for Slovenian Citizens Visiting Vietnam?

Indeed, at present, Slovenian citizens have the option of obtaining a business visa for Vietnam through the visa on arrival route. Likewise, the e-visa option is accessible to Slovenian citizens for obtaining a tourist visa for Vietnam.

3. How to Secure a Vietnam Visa for Slovenian Citizens

The process of obtaining a Vietnam visa for Slovenian passport holders is contingent on the type of visa they wish to acquire, be it a tourist visa or a business visa. Detailed instructions for each type are provided below.

3.1. How to Obtain a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Slovenian Citizens

Before the advent of Covid-19, Slovenian passport holders had up to two ways to acquire a tourist visa, including:

• Applying for a tourist visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate.

• Obtaining a Vietnam visa online, which included options for Vietnam e-visas and visa on arrival.

However, it’s important to note that currently, Slovenian passport holders can only obtain a 30-day single-entry tourist e-visa. Other types of tourist visas for Vietnam have not yet been reinstated.

This particular type of tourist visa can be applied for online directly by the applicants or their representatives and is subsequently issued online by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

The processing time for obtaining this e-visa typically takes 3 working days or longer, depending on the volume of applications submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

For those who wish to ensure their visa for their trip to Vietnam, our service is available to assist. We guarantee that you will receive your visa within the following timeframes:

• 5-7 working days.

• 4 working days.

• Emergency.

The process is quite straightforward and consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete our secure online visa application form and make the necessary payment.
  2. Receive the e-visa letter, which will be delivered to your registered email address within your requested processing time.
  3. Download your e-visa letter and present it to the Vietnam Immigration Officer upon your arrival in Vietnam to complete the entry process.

3.2. How to Obtain a Vietnam Business Visa for Slovenian Citizens

To apply for a business visa, you, as a Slovenian citizen and passport holder, are required to have a sponsoring company in Vietnam. The process for acquiring a business visa for Vietnam involves two essential steps, which you and your employer in Vietnam must follow:

Step 1: Acquire a Visa Approval Letter

  1. In this initial step, your sponsor company will need to prepare the following documents:

• Form NA2, which must be completed online.

• Form NA16.

• Certified business registration.

2. Subsequently, your sponsor company will submit these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department, which will process the application within 7 to 10 working days upon receipt of complete and valid documents.

3. If the application is approved, your sponsor company will receive a business visa approval letter, allowing you to obtain a business visa for Vietnam.

Step 2: Obtain the Business Visa Stamp

In this stage, you will need to have your business visa stamped on your passport at the Vietnam embassy or consulate in your home country prior to your departure for Vietnam.

If you and your company require assistance with obtaining a business visa approval letter for Vietnam, our support is readily available. We will guide you through every step of the process, from the initiation of your application until you successfully acquire the visa and arrive in Vietnam.

4. What Are the Costs for Vietnam Visas for Slovenian Citizens?

The fees for Vietnam visas for Slovenian citizens vary depending on the type of visa they wish to obtain.

  • For a tourist visa obtained online, they will need to pay the government fee of USD $25 for the visa, in addition to the service fee if they choose to expedite the delivery and guarantee of their visa.
  • For a business visa, there are two fees to consider:

– The visa approval letter fee, which may vary depending on the application method (whether handled by the sponsor company or a local assistant).

– The business visa stamping fee, which may vary between different embassies and consulates.

Please refer to the table below for the exact costs of Vietnam visas when using our Vietnam visa assistance service:

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees for Slovenia Citizens:

Visa type Processing time Visa fee (USD/Pax)
1-2 pax 3-4 pax From 5 pax
30-day single entry 5-7 working days 48 47 46
4 working days 66 65 63
30-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 73 72 71
4 working days 91 90 88
90-day single entry 5-7 working days 50 49 48
4 working days 71 70 68
90-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 78 77 76
4 working days 96 95 93

* Note: The fees listed above cover the complete package for a 30-day tourist visa, including the government fee and service fee.

Vietnam Business Visa Fees for Slovenian Citizens: 

Processing time
Fee (USD/pax)
5 – 7 working days
3 working days

* Please be aware that this fee exclusively covers the visa approval letter assistance and does not include the stamping fee, which will be collected by the Vietnam embassy or consulate or at the Vietnam airport.