SQ Visa Application Procedures

SQ Visa – What is it? Eligibility and Application Process What is SQ Visa? SQ Visa, also known as Vietnam Visa with SQ designation, is a type of visa that is less common and is granted to foreigners in specific

Vietnam visa for Brazilians

Overview of Vietnam Visa for Brazilian Citizens For travelers holding Brazilian passports, understanding the Vietnam visa process is crucial. Here’s a brief

Vietnam visa for Bruneians

1. Visa Requirement Overview: For Brunei citizens, a visa is not required for stays in Vietnam up to 14 days. However, for

ĐT4 Visa Application Procedures

Procedures for Applying for Investment Visa (DT4 Visa) for Foreign Investors with Investments Under 3 Billion VND Foreign investors in Vietnam with

ĐT3 Visa Application Procedures

Procedure for Applying for ĐT3 Visa (Investment Visa) for Foreign Investors in Vietnam Foreign investors with different capital contributions will be granted

ĐT2 Visa Application Procedures

Apart from DT1 Visa, ĐT2 investment visa is another type of visa granted to foreign investors/representatives of foreign organizations in Vietnam, with

NG3 Visa Application Procedures

What is NG3 Visa? NG3 Visa, also known as NG3 permit, is issued to members of diplomatic missions, consular offices, international organizations

Article 3. Implementation

Article 3. Implementation This Law takes effect on August 15, 2023. Entry and exit documents issued before the effective date hereof shall

Vietnam visa for Seychellois

Do Seychellois Citizens Require a Visa to Visit Vietnam? Yes, citizens of Seychelles must obtain a valid visa to enter Vietnam for

Vietnam visa for Singaporeans

Do Singaporean Nationals Require a Visa for Vietnam? No, Singaporeans can stay in Vietnam for up to 30 consecutive days without needing

Vietnam visa for Slovaks

Do Slovakians Need a Visa to Enter Vietnam? Yes, Slovakian citizens are REQUIRED to obtain a valid visa to visit Vietnam for