Vietnam tourist Visa

DL Visa Application Procedures

Vietnam Tourist Visa Procedures for Foreigners

With the current trend of globalization and development, Vietnam’s tourist visa policies for foreigners are now more streamlined. However, not everyone is well-versed in Vietnam’s visa regulations. In this article, we provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information on this topic.

Procedures for Vietnam Tourist Visa Application

Applying for a Vietnam tourist visa is not overly complicated. However, being careless can lead to unfortunate visa rejections. Here, we guide you through three easy ways to obtain a Vietnamese entry permit.


Electronic Visa (E-visa)

How to Apply

• Visit the following link: 

• Follow the instructions provided.
• When applying for a visa through this method, the applicant can track the application status using the electronic file number.


Visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate Abroad

How to Apply

Required documents for the Vietnam tourist visa application include:
• Visa application form provided by the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in the respective country.
• Passport valid for at least 6 months from the visa application date.
• 2 recent photos (4×6 cm, clear face visible) taken within the last 6 months.
• Documents proving the travel itinerary in Vietnam (for tour participants).
• Confirmation of round-trip flight tickets to Vietnam, hotel reservation in Vietnam.


Visa on Arrival (VOA)

How to Apply

For the Vietnam tourist visa application through VOA, the sponsoring party must prepare necessary documents for the entry permit:
For business sponsorship:
• Visa application form NA2 for the foreign national.
• Legal documents of the sponsoring entity: business registration certificate, company signature sample certificate, tax payment certificate, etc.
• Copy of the foreign national’s passport, duly notarized.
• Planned entry date confirmation of the foreign national.
• Introduction letter for the person submitting the application at the Immigration Department.
For family, friends sponsoring:
• Documents proving the relationship.
• Confirmation of temporary residence issued by local police where the foreign national is residing in Vietnam.
• National ID of the sponsoring family member for the foreign national.
After submitting the documents and obtaining the entry permit, the sponsoring party must send these documents to the foreign national for them to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa.

Note: If applying for a Vietnam tourist visa in the form of an Electronic Visa (E-visa), foreign nationals must meet specific conditions as per the regulations of the Vietnamese Immigration Department:

  • Foreign nationals from countries without Vietnamese Consulates.
  • Foreign nationals traveling through multiple countries before entering Vietnam.
  • Foreign investors or laborers with work permits in Vietnam.
  • Foreign nationals with relatives currently residing in Vietnam.

Where to Submit Vietnam Tourist Visa Applications in 2023

For foreigners entering Vietnam under sponsorship, the individual/organization/business providing sponsorship needs to submit the entry permit application at one of the following addresses:

  • In Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
  • In Ho Chi Minh City: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1.
  • In Da Nang: 07 Tran Quy Cap, Hai Chau District.

You will need to wait for 5-7 working days to receive the result. During peak seasons, the processing time may be longer. If the applicant is residing abroad, they need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa at the Vietnamese Consulate in their respective country. If the applicant’s country does not have a Vietnamese Consulate and does not have any relations with any individuals/organizations in Vietnam, they can rely on reputable service companies, such as us, for sponsorship. With our reputation and years of experience, we assure you of efficient and secure assistance in completing the tourist visa application for foreigners entering Vietnam.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees

The visa fees for Vietnam tourist visas are stipulated in Circular No. 219/2016/TT-BTC. The specific fees are as follows:

Type of Visa
Visa Validity Period
Visa Fee
Single-Entry Visa / E-visa
1 month
25 USD
Multiple-Entry Visa
3 months
50 USD
3 to 6 months
95 USD
6 months to 1 year
135 USD

Important Notes for Vietnam Tourist Visa Application in 2023

When applying for a Vietnam tourist visa, foreign nationals should take note of the following points:

  • The maximum validity period for a tourist visa is 3 months.
  • Foreign nationals are not allowed to change the purpose of their visa after arriving in Vietnam.
  • Foreign nationals are not required to enter or exit on the exact dates stated in their visa application; they can freely choose their travel dates within the visa validity period.