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ĐT3 Visa Application Procedures

Procedure for Applying for ĐT3 Visa (Investment Visa) for Foreign Investors in Vietnam

Foreign investors with different capital contributions will be granted corresponding types of investment visas. So, what are the requirements for the ĐT3 visa category specifically tailored for investors? Let’s delve into the details:

Who is Eligible for ĐT3 Visa?

According to the amendments to the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam (Law No. 51/2019/QH14), the Vietnam ĐT3 visa (abbreviated as ĐT3 visa) is “granted to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with capital contributions ranging from 3 billion VND to less than 50 billion VND.”

Therefore, foreign investors with capital contributions from 3 billion VND to less than 50 billion VND will be issued the ĐT3 investment visa. Additionally, holders of the ĐT3 visa are also eligible for approval of temporary residence cards with the same code as the investment visa.

Validity Period of ĐT3 Investment Visa

The ĐT3 investment visa will have a maximum validity period of 3 years. In other words, investors will be granted a single-entry or multiple-entry visa with a maximum validity period of 3 years.

Note: The validity period of the ĐT3 visa will be shorter than the passport validity period by at least 30 days.

Investors desiring a long-term stay in Vietnam can proceed with the procedures to obtain a ĐT3 temporary residence card (with a maximum validity period of 3 years).

Requirements for Applying for ĐT3 Visa

To be eligible for the Vietnam ĐT3 investment visa, foreign investors must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a passport or travel document valid for international travel as per regulations.
  • Have an inviting and guaranteeing entity in Vietnam (agency, organization, or individual).
  • Not fall under the cases of entry denial.
  • Provide documents proving the investment in Vietnam as per the Investment Law (Business License, confirmation letter of investment status issued by the competent authority in Vietnam).

Documents Required for ĐT3 Visa Application

Once the investor fulfills the aforementioned conditions, the guaranteeing entity and the foreign investor prepare the documents for ĐT3 visa application as follows:

Before applying for the ĐT3 visa, the guaranteeing entity needs to complete the procedures to request the issuance of an Entry Guarantee Letter for the foreign investor for investment purposes at the Immigration Department of Vietnam. After obtaining the letter, the visa stamping procedure can be carried out at the Vietnam Embassy or international airport.

Documents for Entry Guarantee Letter for Investment Purposes:

  • Copy of the investor’s passport.
  • Letter of request for the entry guarantee letter for the foreigner entering Vietnam – Form NA2.
  • Application for seal and signature registration of the representative of the enterprise in Vietnam – Form NA16.
  • Certificate of business seal registration.
  • Certificate of business activities of the guaranteeing company (business license, investment registration certificate, etc.).
  • And other required documents as per the request of the Immigration Department (if applicable).

Documents for ĐT3 Visa Application/Stamping:

  • Visa application form as per regulations – Form NA1.
  • Original passport of the investor with at least 2 blank pages.
  • 02 passport-sized photos (4x6cm) with a white background.
  • Copy of the Entry Guarantee Letter for Investment Purposes.

ĐT3 Visa Fees for Foreign Investors

Currently, the fees for ĐT3 investment visa stamping vary depending on the visa validity period requested by the investor. The visa fees are determined based on the validity period and number of entries. The basic visa stamping fees include the following levels:

  • Single-entry ĐT3 visa: 25 USD
  • Multiple-entry ĐT3 visa with a validity period of up to 3 months: 50 USD
  • Multiple-entry ĐT3 visa with a validity period of 3 to 6 months: 95 USD
  • Multiple-entry ĐT3 visa with a validity period of 6 to 12 months: 135 USD
  • Multiple-entry ĐT3 visa with a validity period of over 1 year to 2 years: 145 USD
  • Multiple-entry ĐT3 visa with a validity period of over 2 years to 5 years: 155 USD

Processing Time for ĐT3 Visa Application for Investment Purposes

Generally, the ĐT3 investment visa will be issued within approximately 5 working days (maximum 7-10 days) from the date the Immigration Department/Consulate of Vietnam receives a complete and valid application.

Note: During the review process, the Immigration Department may request the guaranteeing entity and the foreign investor to make corrections or provide additional documents. This may extend the visa processing time.