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ĐT4 Visa Application Procedures

Procedures for Applying for Investment Visa (DT4 Visa) for Foreign Investors with Investments Under 3 Billion VND

Foreign investors in Vietnam with capital contributions under 3 billion VND are eligible for which type of investment visa? In this case, foreign investors need to follow the procedures to obtain the DT4 visa to enter Vietnam.

Which Investment Category is DT4 Visa Granted to?

According to the amendments to the Law on Exit, Entry, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam in 2019, the Vietnam DT4 visa (or DT4 visa) is “granted to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with capital contributions below 3 billion VND.” Therefore, investors or capital-contributing members from foreign countries participating in investments in Vietnam under 3 billion VND will be issued the DT4 investment visa.

Validity Period of DT4 Investment Visa

The immigration law specifies that the DT4 visa is granted to foreign investors with a maximum validity period of 1 year. If the investor’s passport has a shorter expiration date, the DT4 visa will be granted with a validity 30 days less than the passport’s expiration date.

Unlike DT1, DT2, and DT3 visa categories, which allow for an extended stay in Vietnam through temporary residence cards, foreign individuals with DT4 visas who wish to continue working in Vietnam can only:

  • Apply for a new/renewal of DT4 visa; or
  • Convert the purpose of the Vietnamese visa.

The choice of an appropriate visa type depends on the individual’s purpose and residence needs in Vietnam.

Requirements for Applying for DT4 Visa

To be eligible for the DT4 visa, foreign individuals must meet the following conditions:

  • Possess a passport or travel document valid for international travel.
  • Have an inviting and guaranteeing entity in Vietnam (agency, organization, or individual).
  • Not fall under the cases of entry denial as specified in Article 21 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13.
  • Provide documents proving the investment in Vietnam as per the Investment Law.

Documents Required for DT4 Visa Application

The guaranteeing entity and the foreign investor need to prepare the following documents for the DT4 visa application:

  • Application for seal and signature registration of the legal representative of the operating business entity in Vietnam (Form NA16).
  • Letter of request for entry guarantee for the foreigner entering Vietnam (Form NA2).
  • Letter of request for Vietnamese visa for the foreigner (Form NA1).
  • Certificate of business activities of the guaranteeing company (business license, investment registration certificate, etc.).
  • Documents proving the investor’s identity (investment certificate, capital contribution certificate, etc.).
  • Original passport of the foreign investor with a validity period as per regulations.
  • 02 passport-sized photos (4x6cm) with a white background.
  • And other required documents as per specific cases.

Thorough and accurate document preparation is crucial as it significantly influences whether the investor will be granted the DT4 visa.

Procedure for Applying for DT4 Investment Visa

Step 1: The guaranteeing entity prepares the necessary documents to apply for the entry guarantee letter for investment purposes at the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Step 2: Approximately 5 working days later, the Immigration Department will provide the result of the entry guarantee letter to the guaranteeing entity. (In cases where foreign individuals complete the visa stamping procedure at the Consulate of Vietnam in their home country, the Immigration Department will fax the DT4 visa issuance notification to the Vietnamese Embassy.)

Step 3: The guaranteeing entity notifies and sends the letter to the foreign investor. Simultaneously, the investor needs to prepare the required documents as instructed to complete the DT4 visa stamping procedure.

Step 4: The investor submits the application for visa stamping to the designated location mentioned in the letter to complete the visa stamping procedure. Typically, investors can complete the visa stamping process for Vietnam at:

  • The Consulate of Vietnam in the investor’s home country.
  • International airports’ immigration checkpoints.

DT4 Visa Fees for Investors

Visa stamping fees depend on the validity period and number of entries requested by the investor. Below are the specific visa stamping fee levels:

  • Single-entry visa fee: 25 USD
  • Visa valid for 3 months (multiple entries): 50 USD
  • Visa valid for 3 – 6 months (multiple entries): 95 USD
  • Visa valid for 6 months to 12 months (multiple entries): 135 USD